The ten secrets

of Franciacorta Castello Bonomi's quality

Best Winery of the year in the region of Lombardia and 4 Viti
for the blanc de noir Lucrezia Etichetta Nera:
the prizes awarded by AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommelier)
to Castello Bonomi come after a long list of prestigious recognitions.
These achievements are the results of specific choices
in the cellar and in the vineyards.

These are our 10 secrets we are fiercely proud of.

The precious limestone
of Monte Orfano

The vineyards are located
on the southern hills of Monte Orfano,
in one of the seven vocational units of Franciacorta.
The unique calcareous conglomerate
of this area, chalky, crumbly and rich in minerals,
is the ideal soil for the highest quality viticulture.

The generosity
of an exceptional

Mount Orphan protects vineyards
of Castello Bonomi from the alpine winds.
The southern exposure gives a perfect
solar radiation with a rainfall of 20%
lower than the other areas of Franciacorta.
Like in a mediterranean oasis, even
caper plants grow on the castle walls!

The importance
of the ancient
character of a territory

At Castello Bonomi, viticulture enhances
the local wine-making tradition.
Symbol of this approach is the extraordinary
CruPerdu, the name comes from
the “lost vineyard” discovered in 1986
by the chef de cave Luigi Bersini,
from these same old vineyards is produced
Pinot Noir which gives unique character
to our precious Franciacorta.

The reasoned
of Casa Paladin

Castello Bonomi Franciacorta
conveys the philosophy of Casa Paladin,
the parent company that operates according
to the principles of reasoned viticulture: a
sustainable agronomic approach,
geo-localized, that respects ecosystems
and enhances the peculiarities of the territories.
A cutting-edge method, which rediscovers
in an innovative way the ancient relationship
between man and nature.

Plant to plant

A mosaic of different cru on 24 hectares,
with vineyards located up to 275 meters high,
a density of 5/6 thousand plants per hectare,
low yields and intense passion dedicated
to each individual plant.
Everything is in accordance with criteria
of precision farming, to best express the features
connected to every minimum variations in soil,
sun exposure, altimetry.

grape harvest

Thanks to the favorable microclimate of this
area, the harvest in Castello Bonomi is normally
brought forward compared to other areas of
Franciacorta. It is strictly manual and it takes
place over several days, to allow to each plant
of each cru to achieve its full “technological
maturity”: the perfect balance between sugar
and acidity of the grapes.

The gifts
of the free run must

The vinification of Franciacorta
Castello Bonomi begins
through a technologically advanced process
with a soft press of the free run must:
the richest part of the pulp, the heart of the grape
away from the peel and seeds.
In this way it is possible to ensure
From the beggining a great quality
of the final product.


The naturalness is pursued both in the vineyard
and in the winemaking process. The blending
(cuvée) of wines, in order to achieve the desired
balance, is obtained through base wines
selected carefully from each cru.
The liquer de expedition used to top up the
wine lost during the disgorgement and confer
the sparkling character, strictly includes only
wine of the same vintage.

The longevity
that comes
from the wait

Castello Bonomi Franciacorta defies time:
their excellence is achieved through periods of
fermentation and the ageing that
exceed those provided by the strict
disciplinary of Franciacorta.
Castello Bonomi is proud to guarantee a quality
for 10 years to all its Franciacorta and to indicate on
the back label the date of disgorgement.

The courage of the challenges:
the enhancement
of Pinot Noir

Castello Bonomi has always distinguished itself
for its wine choices against the flow.
In particular, it was among the first companies
in Franciacorta to focus on Pinot Noir. The ability
to “tame” the enfant terrible of oenology led to
extraordinary results: one above all, the awardwinning
blanc de noir Lucrezia Etichetta Nera,
obtained from 100% Pinot Noir grapes.