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  • Slow Wine 2018

    Life – Castello Bonomi, built at the end of the 1800s in liberty style, stands between the vineyards of this company, since 2008 owned by the Paladin family. We are at the base of the Monte Orfano, one of the most beautiful areas of Franciacorta, between steep and terraced vineyards, which in the past decades have were abandoned for processing difficulties. Today they are reborn, thanks to the great competence and the direction of Luigi Bersini, Chef de Cave of the company since 1985.
    Vineyards – the vineyards are located within 500 meters from the cellar. In the main body, of 15 hectares, and around the site,the altitude is between 170 and 220 metres, and includes the famous “CruPerdu”, so called because it was abandoned for its steep which made it difficult to handle. The oldest vineyard dates back to 1984 and is made all of Pinot Nero grapes; the youngest parcels are 2008. With the 2018 harvest Castello Bonomi will certificate Biological.
    Franciacorta Brut Cruperdu Riserva 2008-Great Wine (3.000 bt) surprised us with a rich and complex nose, with notes of pastry and candied citrus; the mouth is corresponding, elegant and full of taste, with great persistence.
    Franciacorta Brut Gran Cuvée (20.000 bt) is full of juice and grit, with a keen impulse that draws another sip.
     Franciacorta Brut Rosé (8.000 bt) offers intriguing scents of red fruits and balsamic herbs;pleasant to the palate and in mouth.

  • I Vini d’Italia 2018- Guida l’Espresso

    The growth in the Bonomi winery continues: and, with the aid of 2008, the Cru Perdu luxury version has a serious and rocky approach, enveloping to drink and very convincing.

  • Viniplus Lombardia 2017

    Castello Bonomi: pages 162-163.

    Franciacorta brut CruPerdu: 4 ROSE CAMUNE – ROSA D’ORO PRIZE (TOP!)

    Franciacorta brut Satèn: 4 ROSE CAMUNE

    Franciacorta brut Gran Cuvée: 3 ROSE CAMUNE

    Franciacorta brut Rosè: 3 ROSE CAMUNE

  • Bibenda 2017

    Franciacorta extra brut Cuvée Lucrezia Etichetta Nera 2005: 5 GRAPES (TOP!!!)

    Franciacorta Dosage Zéro 2009: 5 GRAPES (TOP!!!)

    Franciacorta brut Satèn: 4 GRAPES

    Franciacorta brut CruPerdu: 4 GRAPES

    Franciacorta brut Gran Cuvée: 4 GRAPES

    Franciacorta brut Rosè: 4 GRAPES

    Curtefranca rosso Cordelio 2011: 4 GRAPES

  • Il Golosario 2017

    Castello Bonomi: page 785.

    TOP wine: Franciacorta brut Gran Cuvée.

    TOP HUNDRED PRIZE wine: Franciacorta Dosage Zéro Millesimato.

  • Bini Buoni d’Italia 2017

    “Corona” and **** stars: Franciacorta Docg Extra Brut Cuvée Lucrezia Etichetta Nera 2006

    **** stars: Franciacorta Docg Millesimato Dosage Zéro 2009

    **** stars: Franciacorta Docg Brut CruPerdu

    **** stars: Franciacorta Docg Brut Gran Cuvée

  • I Vini d’Italia 2017 – Espresso

    Franciacorta Satén Castello Bonomi

  • Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide 2017

    Extra Brut Lucrezia Etichetta Nera 2006: 93/100

    Straw-Yellow. Intense nose recalling Rosemary honey, broom, apricot and mirabelle plum. Ample, silky attack, lovely structure and abundant mousse. The savoury honey recurs on the finish. Strict and elegant in style.

    Brut Rosé: 92/100

    Very attractive salmon hue with amber highlights. Precise nose of wild strawberry, rose and toast notes. Ample, lively attack on the palate. Well-integrated bubbles, intense red fruit flavours leading into a very clean, fresh finish. Bone dry. Delicious.

    Brut Gran Cuvée: 90/100

    Expressive note intermixing bush peach, quince, White flowers and gunflint. Silky, ample, fat and fruity palate that is rich and well-balanced. Lovely fresh, precise finish. A wine with real food compatibility that deserves to be given time.

    Dosage Zéro Millesimato 2009: 90/100

    Pale Yellow with green tints. Mineral, saline nose opening up to pear. Fresh attack on the palate enhanced by aromas of Citrus fruits. Light-bodied and ethereal. Wonderful lenght driven by saline notes. Subtle and minimalist. Really enjoyable.

    Brut CruPerdu: 90/100

    Golden hue. Intense nose showing sweet scents of acacia honey, toffee, broom and mimosa. Ample at point of entry with volume augmented by creamy mousse and surprising freshness that contrasts with the aromatic spectrum. Upright and elegant in style.

  • Veronelli 2017

    Castello Bonomi is on page 238:

    Franciacorta Extra Brut Lucrezia Etichetta Nera 2006: score 94 (= Great Preview)

    Curtefranca rosso Cordelio 2011: score 93

    Franciacorta Dosaggio Zero Millesimato 2009: score 92

    Franciacorta Brut Gran Cuvée: score 88

    Franciacorta Brut Satèn: score 87

    Franciacorta Brut Rosè: score 87

    Franciacorta Brut CruPerdu: score 86

  • Slow Wine 2017

    Castello Bonomi is a property of Paladin Family. It is run respecting the territory, thank to the ancient vineyards and to the excellent staff.

    The vineyards surround the winery and are located on the southern slopes of Monte Orfano. The cultivation techniques are conducted with respect for the environment.

    Early harvest and long refinement processes on the yeasts: this is the company stamp, guideline of the whole assortment.

    In assortment Franciacorta Brut Gran Cuvée, characterised by soft tones of pastry and yellow fruit, balanced by a refreshing sapidity.

    Franciacorta Brut CruPerdu is the product of one single vineyard, has complex aromas of citrus peel.

    Franciacorta Dosage Zero 2009 has candies and pastry notes, while at taste is full and balanced by a good acidity.

    The real outstanding is Franciacorta Extra Brut Lucrezia Etichetta Nera 2006, obtained with Pinot Noir grapes; aromatic complexity and articulation of considerable flavors; an authentic pearl.

  • Gambero Rosso 2017

    Franciacorta Dosage Zéro 2009: 2 Red Glasses (final for the 3 Glasses)

    Franciacorta brut CruPerdu: 2 Glasses

    Franciacorta extra brut Cuvée Lucrezia 2006: 2 Glasses

    Franciacorta Rosè: 2 Glasses

    Franciacorta Satèn: 2 Glasses

    Curtefranca Rosso Cordelio 2011: 2 Glasses

  • VITAE 2017

    Castello Bonomi is on page 368.