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Data: 16-09-2014

Castello Bonomi Assigned With The Gambero Rosso 3 Glasses

Franciacorta Riserva Cuvée Lucrezia Etichetta Nera 2004 becomes the most rewarded Franciacorta with 3 Glasses, Oscar del Vino and 5 Bunches in a handful of months

Emotion, satisfaction and pride mark Castello Bonomi’s golden year:  Franciacorta Cuvée Lucrezia Etichetta  Nera 2004 confirms its superiority with 3 GLASSES of the Gambero Rosso Guide 2015, after the 5 Bunches of Bibenda Guide 2014 won in December 2013 and the Oscar for Best Sparkling Wine conferred last May.

A crescendo that rewards the absolute dedication of the Chef de Cave Luigi Bersini,  Brand Manager Giovanni Berti and owners Carlo, Lucia and Roberto Paladin, united in a project and a vision of uncompromised quality.

It is also an absolute record for a Franciacorta whose grapes where harvested 10 years ago. This means a great acknowledgment for the extraordinary longevity that characterizes all the Castello Bonomi Franciacorta Sparkling Wines, marked by incredible freshness and remarkable structure, such as to allow the Chef de Cave to guarantee them for a long, long time.

Cuvèe Lucrezia Etichetta Nera is the emblem of the Castello Bonomi excellence. This Reserve is the result of the winery’s inflexible choices, based on research of excellence at any cost to express territoriality and longevity of the products, all marked by very  long refinements on the yeast, that distinguish the production of Castello Bonomi.
The vast experience of the Chef de Cave and patience are the main keys to Castello Bonomi success.

Castello Bonomi – Tenute in Franciacorta, Via S. Pietro, 46 – 25030 Coccaglio (BS)