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Data: 01-12-2019

CruPerdu 2011, the new labels

In the eleventh year of activity Castello Bonomi renews its labels focusing on the important historical identity of the Castle and the magnificent natural landscape around it. In the new logo, the castle is placed at the centre of a medieval shield with two points to symbolise the close link with the origins of the estate, the unique château in Franciacorta.

The new logo, which inspires the shape of the new labels, will inaugurate the new line of the emblem of Castello Bonomi, the CruPerdu. Designed to celebrate the important awards received  (5 bunches Bibenda 2020, Corona e Corona del Pubblico Vini Buoni d’Italia 2020, Gold Medal Gilbert&Gaillard 2018, Gold Medal Wine Hunter Awards 2019, Great Wine Slow Wine 2020) the label of CruPerdu 2011 will be the first label presented by the winery of Coccaglio which will follow in 2020 the renewal of other products.