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Data: 20-03-2020

Let’s cook with Castello Bonomi – RECIPE BY STEFANIA DE FRANCESCHI

Any ideas for some homemade recipes?
Our Stefania recommends you a fish recipe to do at home, a perfect pairing with our Franciacorta CruPerdu Millesimato 2011
INGREDIENTS (for 4 people):
– Black puff pastry (flour, egg, squid ink) use 4 eggs and 400 gr flour00
– 500 gr fresh shrimp
– 1 onion
– 400 gr sheep ricotta
– zucchini flowers
– 40 gr Parmesan
– 100 gr butter 
– 4 middle yellow potatoes
– saffron
– 250 ml single cream 
Pastry: Prepare the black puff pastry with 4 eggs, 400 gr flour 00, and squid ink,  then cut it into squares. 
Filling: as first thing prepare a court-bouillon and take it to boiling temperature. Cook in it the shrimps for 1 minute. Shell them and cut them to the knife, then add the ricotta,  the parmesan and the zucchini flowers filleted. 
Sauce: cut into thin slices the potatoes and cook them in a large pan with little butter. Cook them, adding the court-bouillon little by little. Add saffron and some salt. Then add the cream and reduce.
With the thin puff form squares, put the filling in the center and close the dumpling.
Take a pan and bring the water to boil, add salt and the dumplings.
Put the sauce in a plate and the dumplings on top of it. Decore with zucchini flowers and saffron.
And there you go! Your dumplings are ready to be served!
A very scenic dish and equally delicious. Send us photos of your matches tagging @castellobonomi on Facebook and Instagram