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Franciacorta Cuvée Lucrezia

Castello Bonomi: Franciacorta Extra Brut Lucrezia DOCG

Lucrezia is the Lady of the estate, the queen of Castello Bonomi Franciacorta production, a cuvee unique and charming, noble and great.


Yellow with golden tinges, abundant froth with a very persistent and fine sparkle: this is Lucrezia when you look at it in your glass.


Lucrezia is magnificent and offers an elegant bouquet of tropical fruit, especially pineapple and passion fruit, emerging from a sumptuous background of crusty bread, with graceful hints of camomile at the end. Subtle notes of citrus fruit, recalling summer memories of candied fruit and fresh hay then complete the great complexity of this Franciacorta harmonic and complex, symphonic.


Lucrezia stands for woody notes on the palate, confirming an important yet harmonic structure, that supports the olfactory sensations. In the final you will find a mineral aftertaste, and again, gentle citrus notes.


Franciacorta D.O.C.G. V.S.Q.P.R.D. Cuvèe Lucrezia Extra Brut


Chardonnay 30%, Pinot Noir 70%.


Lucrezia comes from the Castello Bonomi 24 hectares that lie in a small paradise, in the southern zone of Franciacorta, at the foot of the Orfano Mountain.


From 20 to 30 August with meticulous selection of the bunches before pressing.

Average yield per hectare

4.500 kg of grapes


The grapes are delicately pressed, so as to extract the first-pressing must


The wine-making takes place using cold techniques to exalt the scents and the fineness of the wine, with fermentation at a temperature of around 14°C. After initial fermentation in steel containers for the Pinot Noir and wooden ones for the Chardonnay, the basic wines mature for around 8 months at a controlled temperature until the blend is prepared with a wise combination of wines refined in steel containers and casks.
Franciacorta Bonomi Cuvée Lucrezia matures for a minimum of 60 months in the bottle on its yeasts before dègorgement.

Food Matching

Lucrezia is recommended for special occasions and menus to remember.
We recommend Lucrezia for the whole meal and with main fish dishes or white meat.
It is really sublime on tuna steak and baked sea bass.

Consumption prospects

After all these long years, Lucrezia is ready to be tasted. Please admire the colour and the perlage for a few minutes in the glass before tasting it to fully enjoy it.
If properly stored Lucrezia keeps and even improve its characteristics for several years, developing complex and intriguing aromas.