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Franciacorta, understood as a geographical area, expresses under the name “Curtefranca” a range of red and white wines. Castello Bonomi pays to them the same care as to Franciacorta sparkling wines and this pure Chardonnay refined in barriques, called Solicano, is undoubtedly one of the jewels of the area.


Solicano’s colour is between golden and pale yellow, with bright hues and pale greenish glows.


Solicano has got a complex bouquet, marked by ripe yellow fruit, almost peach jam, with that hazelnut note that is the Chardonnay most relevant characteristic.


The taste is full, revealing its good structure. It is varied and well blended, so it results perfectly balanced.
It confirms the bouquet with ripe fruit, vanilla and hazelnut notes, with a long persisting final. Quite pleasant.


Curtefranca D.O.C. V.Q.P.R.D.


Chardonnay 100%.


From 1 September to 10 September, harvested strictly by hand with a very careful selection of the bunches before pressing.

Cultivation method

Buttressed bars

Average yield per hectare

39 Hl.


Light cold contact with the skins for 12 hours and then gently pressed to obtain only the best must.


Fermentation at a temperature of around 14/16°C, in small new oak casks before refinement on noble lees for 12 months.

Refinement in the bottle

The wine is refined in the bottle for about 12 months before sale.


Perfect alone, we recommend drinking this wine with fish dishes and vegetable stews; optimum also with substantial first courses and poultry.

Consumption prospects

The wine is ready to drink. If suitably stored, it may age for a medium long period (4/6 years).