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  • Castello Bonomi

    Castellino’s history

    The name “Franciacorta” has its roots in the Middle Ages, when these lands were entrusted to small community of Benedictine monks that started the cultivation of vineyards and the wine making. Hence the first “forefather” of a sparkiling wine called “biting”, in the thirteenth century , four hundred years before Champagne. Land of abbeys and […]

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  • Grappolo di Pinot nero, il vitigno di Castello Bonomi

    The grapevine

    FRANCIACORTA The Franciacorta wine is so special because it’s a perfect union of different grapes. The Chardonnay gives our Franciacorta stability, nice aromas, elegance and personality. It gives also a good aging potential and pleasant fruity, flowery and mineral notes. The Pinot nero gives the wine body, character and elegance as well as a good […]

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  • La tenuta Castello Bonomi in Franciacorta

    The territory of Franciacorta

    Close to Mount Orfano, in the south of Franciacorta, we have been working for decades the ground and the vineyards which, in these lands, create high quality products. Franciacorta piedhilly climatic variability influences the beginning of the vintage in the different places, where the cycle of ripening of the grapes is considerably different. The particular […]

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  • Panoramica deo vigneti Castello Bonomi e il Monte Orfano

    The vineyards

    The extent of the estate is 24 hectares. The vineyards are situated in the south of Franciacorta, in Coccaglio, in the beautiful natural amphithetre of Mount Orfano, 275 m. above sea level, exposed south, south-east, south-west to the sunlight. The vineyards are situated on a hilly ground, they are surrounded by an age-old park. The […]

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  • La cantina di Castello Bonomi

    The wine cellars

    The ancient cellars have been repaired and new ones have been built, so that Castello Bonomi has got 1500 square metres of cellars. In the air-conditioned cellars the white wines, the red ones and Franciacorta DOCG are refined in French oak barriques. The temperature of the steel basins for the fermentation and the maceration process […]

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