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The grapevine

Grappolo di Pinot nero, il vitigno di Castello Bonomi


The Franciacorta wine is so special because it’s a perfect union of different grapes.

The Chardonnay gives our Franciacorta stability, nice aromas, elegance and personality. It gives also a good aging potential and pleasant fruity, flowery and mineral notes.

The Pinot nero gives the wine body, character and elegance as well as a good nose and taste length. This red grape is vinificated without the skins for the production of Franciacorta wine.


The Cabernet franc has power and contained fertility and gives the wine a great personality with an elegant herbaceous note.

Cabernet Sauvignon is velvety, fruity, soft, particularly suited to a long aging.

Merlot gives a full wine with fruity and spicy notes. It makes the Curtefranca rosso well-balanced and round.

Barbera with its rustic character gives the wine a touch of unmistakable class.

Nebbiolo makes the wine unique by giving it a wide range of aromas.