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The territory of Franciacorta

La tenuta Castello Bonomi in Franciacorta

Close to Mount Orfano, in the south of Franciacorta, we have been working for decades the ground and the vineyards which, in these lands, create high quality products. Franciacorta piedhilly climatic variability influences the beginning of the vintage in the different places, where the cycle of ripening of the grapes is considerably different.

The particular microclimate of Mount Orfano makes it one of the most important vintage areas in Franciacorta: the higher maxima and minima, the largest exposure to the sunlight and a different calcareous base.

That’s why Mount Orfano is a very rich ground, where even plants which are typical of very temperate areas, like capers, can grow. Its characteristics give wine a richer structure and a higher alcoholic strength.