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The vineyards

Panoramica deo vigneti Castello Bonomi e il Monte Orfano

The extent of the estate is 24 hectares. The vineyards are situated in the south of Franciacorta, in Coccaglio, in the beautiful natural amphithetre of Mount Orfano, 275 m. above sea level, exposed south, south-east, south-west to the sunlight.

The vineyards are situated on a hilly ground, they are surrounded by an age-old park. The particular microclimate,the fresh and temperate influences give this area some peculiar and unique characteristics which permit a complete ripening of the grapes. A modern irrigation system is an important support for the plants’ stress.

All the vineyards are planted in “spurred cordon”, with 5/6 thousand plants per hectare. The choice of the cultivation and irrigation system makes the yield quite low and gives a high quality of the grapes,which come from French plants.

The Yield
Each plant produces 1-1,2 kg of red wine, 1-1,5 kg of white wine and 1,5-2 kg of Franciacorta DOCG. The production is deliberately controlled because quality is much more important.