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Franciacorta Riserva Lucrezia Etichetta Bianca 2008 DOCG


Pinot Nero 70%, Chardonnay 30%

In Vineyard

The Cuvée Lucrezia Etichetta Bianca 2006 is the result of a cuvée of 70% Pinot noir and 30% Chardonnay. obtained from the terraced vineyards of Castello Bonomi estate.

In cellar

After the harvest by hand in the first decade of August, the grapes are pressed softly to become must. The fermentation is made at low temperatures, in steel tanks for the Pinot Noir and in steel tanks and barriques for the Chardonnay. Then, it rests until the next spring. After the fermentation, it refines in yeasts for 120 months.

In Tasting

A fascinating pale yellow colour with strawberry shades. The bouquet is precious: the Chardonnay gives scents of toasted almond, vanilla, scent of honey, linden and acacia flowers while the Pinot Noir gives the vegetal dry and spicy notes. Sourness and savoury play the lead role in tasting matched together with great mineral notes. A Riserva for special moments.


This Cuvée gives you special feelings: the variety of scents constantly evolves during tasting and the flavours in mouth are so unique that you wouldn’t believe how is it possible that a 12-years-old-wine may has got this kind of verticality.


It’s recommended to match all meals with sophisticated fish and meat. Perfect such as a meditation


Alcoholic content

12,5% by Volume

Serving temperature

6 - 8°C

Bottle size

750 ml

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