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Franciacorta Dosage Zéro Grande Annata 2010


50% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Nero

In vineyards

The Dosage Zéro Castello Bonomi is the result of a cuvée of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir of the same harvest in equal proportions. The grapes come from the most historic vines of the Castello Bonomi company, rigorously harvested by hand.

In cellar

After a gentle pressing to extract only the best must, the vinification process takes place with the cold maceration technique in order to achieve a quality without compromise. The Pinot Noir, after the first fermentation, matures for about 8 months in steel tanks. Then, it’s mixed with Chardonnay which has fermented in small oak barrels for about 8 months too. After a second fermentation in bottle it matures for 100 months “sur lies” before the disgorging.

In tasting

A bright straw yellow wine with a fine perlage. The flavour presents scents of hazelnut and vanilla thanks to the Chardonnay refined in barriques. Further, we can find tropical ripe fruit scents such as pineapple. Taste is very savory with a strong sourness matched with the sweetness due to its age.


Produced only in the best vintages, in which the wines are characterized by greater complexity and longevity. We choosed a longer refinement to best bring out the characteristics of this harvest, it will only be time to decide the most suitable time for disgorgement. The result is expressed in a refined and valuable Franciacorta that is distinguished by a creamy effervescence, remarkable  structure.


It pairs magnificently with all meals such as fish, crudites, crustaceans and white meat.

Alcoholic content

12,5% by Volume by Volume

Serving temperature

6 °C

Bottle size

750 ml

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