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Franciacorta Cuvée Lucrezia Etichetta Nera 2004

Lucretia Etichetta Nera (Black Label) is the epitome of Castello Bonomi excellence.
It has been assigned with the 5 Bunches by Bibenda 2014, the 3 Glasses by Gambero Rosso 2015 and won the Oscar del Vino as Best Sparkling Wine 2014.
Lucrezia Etichetta Nera is a niche production that leads to the extreme the Castello Bonomi choices and philosophy. The best example of what Castello Bonomi do under the Franciacorta skies.


Pinot nero 100%

In vineyards

From the oldest vineyards of Castello Bonomi – located 275 meters above sea
level – an exclusive Franciacorta is produced from Pinot Noir in pureness. It’s
produced exclusively in the great vintages, where the maturity of the grapes
achieves a balance that ensures longevity and perfect harmony.
For this reserve 2006, the harvest was completed in the second decade
of August, with meticulous selection of the bunches, from this vintage is
produced an elegant wine with flavour and large structure.

In cellar

Through the gentle pressing, only the best must is extracted. Vinification is
made with the cold techniques. Each adjustment is made to achieve a quality
without compromise. The wine does its first fermentation and after 8 months
of on the yeasts, it’s ready for the cuvée and for the bottle fermentation.
A long ageing on the yeasts is the key of the success of the Franciacorta
Castello Bonomi Lucrezia Etichetta Nera, that refines on the yeasts for a
minimum of 70 months before the disgorging. After the dégorgement it rests
for a further long period to achieve perfect harmony.

In tasting

Franciacorta with a bright straw yellow, enriched by a fine and endless
perlage. The bouquet is fragrant, with notes of boulangerie, before settling on
apricot and loquat, with delicate memories of aromatic herbs and citrus. The
taste is sapid with lively freshness, leaving room for an elegant creaminess.


The Franciacorta Lucrezia Etichetta Nera is the symbol of Castello Bonomi
excellence, a niche production that raises at the highest summits the stricht
choices of our estate and exemplify once more the joy Castello Bonomi
expresses under the heavens of Franciacorta, thanks to the extraordinary
longevity of its wines.

Ideal consumption

If properly preserved, it maintains and improves its quality. To enjoy it fully, it is
recommended to let him rest in the glass a few minutes before consumption.
After all these years in bottle, there’s no rush…


Splendid Franciacorta for great occasions, accompanies magnificently fish
dishes or fine white meat. Sublime with lobster.

Technical information

• Sulphites content: 80 mg /l (-66 % legal limit)
• Sugar: 2 gr/l
• Acidity: 8.2
• PH: 2.97
• Vineyard Name: Terrazze
• Location: Franciacorta – Coccaglio
• Planting distance: 2.50 x 1,50 m
• Planting year: 1985
• Hectares: 1
• Vine density: 2 800
• Yield per hectare: 50-60 Q/ha
• Bottles produced annually: 3 000

Alcoholic content

13% by Volume

Serving temperature

6 - 8°C

Bottle size

750 ml


  • 2018

    Franciacorta Lucrezia Etichetta Nera 2006
    3 Stars in I Vini di Veronelli Guide

  • 2017

    Lucrezia Etichetta Nera 2006
    4 Stars and Corona in the “Vini Buoni d’Italia 2017” wine guide

    Lucrezia Etichetta Nera 2006
    “5 GRAPPOLI” in the Bibenda 2017 wine guide

    Lucrezia Etichetta Nera 2006
    “Grande Esordio” (score
    94) in Veronelli guide 2017

  • 2016

    Lucrezia Etichetta Nera extra-brut 2006
    89 points in the WINE ENTHUSIAST Buying Guide, december 2016

    Lucrezia Etichetta Nera 2006
    4 T (Certificate of excellence) in “VITAE” guide, by Italian Sommelier Association

  • 2015

    3 GLASSES – Gambero Rosso guide 2015

    4 T (Certificate of Excellence), “Vitae” guide by Italian Sommelier Association

    4 Roses, Viniplus guide 2015

    Franciacorta Lucrezia Etichetta Nera
    Gold Medal at International Sparkling Awards Milan

  • 2014

    “Oscar del Vino” as the Best Italian Sparkling Wine

  • 2013

    5 Grapes – Bibenda Guide 2014

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