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Franciacorta Cuvée Lucrezia Rosé

It is an exclusive and excellent Franciacorta Rosé, obtained 100% from grapes of Pinot Noir. The high quality of these grapes is fully revealed in the absolute elegance and purity. It is characterized by elegant orange reflections and brilliant hues. The refinement for over 80 months on the lees transmits to the palate smooth and elegant notes.


Pinot nero 100%

In vineyards

The vineyards of Castello Bonomi – located 275 metres above sea level – extend
into a small paradise located in the south of Franciacorta. Here is produced
a Franciacorta Rosé of exclusive excellence, obtained with 100% Pinot Noir
grapes. The high quality of these grapes fully reveals in the absolute elegance
and purity of the Franciacorta Rosé Lucrezia.

In cellar

From the know-how and the experience of the Chef de Cave Luigi Bersini is
produced a Lucrezia Rosé Reserve which rests over 80 months on the yeasts
and that today express all its body and refinement. The further 24 months of
refining in bottle complete the balance of wine.

In tasting

Pinot Noir grapes gives to the color an intense hue. The pink is loaded, giving
to the wine a seductive charm. It presents characteristic reflections and bright
shades. The foam is abundant and exuberant with a very fine and persistent
perlage. Delicate and fresh bouquet with scents of, berries and sweet citrus
notes. The palate it’s smooth and elegant. The rich and mineral taste is austere
but very clean, rightly tannic and characterized by delicate scents of spices.


Great flavor and minerality. Seductive charm, the over 80 months on the yeasts
give the palate strong expression and a range of great sensations, making this
wine the jewel of our company.


The achievement of the perfect phenolic maturity of the Pinot Noir grapes
give to this wine the right balance between delicacy and strength, making it
extremely versatile and able to satisfy the most specific requests.
The Pinot Noir gives the right intensity that makes it suitable for great
occasions. Thanks to the elegant structure, it accompanies both meat (duck
or white meat, in addition to the typical dish of the territory: beef with oil), and
sophisticated fish recipes (crustaceans, smoked salmon, stew fish).

Technical information

• Sulphites content: 60 mg /l (-74 % legal limit)
• Sugar: 2 gr/l
• Acidity: 8
• PH: 3
• Vineyard Name: Terrazze
• Location: Franciacorta – Coccaglio
• Planting distance: 2.5 x 1,5 m
• Planting year: 1985
• Hectares: 1
• Vine density: 2800
• Yield per hectare: 80 Q/ha
• Bottles produced annually: 700

Alcoholic content

12,5% by Volume

Serving temperature


Bottle size

750 ml


  • 2018

    Franciacorta Extra Brut Rosè Cuvèe Lucrezia
    3 Stars (TOP) I Vini di Veronelli guide 2018

    Franciacorta Extra Brut Cuvèe Lucrezia Rosè
    90 punti nel Blind Tasting di Andreas Larsson 2018, Miglior Sommelier del Mondo nel 2007

  • 2016

    Rosè Riserva 2006
    4 T (=Excellent Wine) in VITAE wine guide by the Italian Sommelier Association

    Rosè Lucrezia Riserva 2006
    5 GRAPES in “Bibenda” 2016

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