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We should not forget that Castello Bonomi also produces great red wines.
Cordelio stands on all: it is an exemplar of great structure, an harmonious and powerful blend, with a magnifical texture and perfectly round.
A fantastic surprise among all these beautiful sparkling Franciacorta wines


Cordelio is intense red, with extraordinarily deep garnet tinges.


After the initial intense and almost explosive bouquet of red ripe fruit, the scents of spices, wood and coffee follow to complete the aromatic picture.


The full and dry flavour is well balanced as acidity and tannins make a perfect combination.
Cordelio is a surprisingly elegant wine, with incredibly fine and round tannins, perfect for the palate giving a very delicate sensation.
It expresses a great final aromatic persistence.


Curtefranca D.O.C. V.Q.P.R.D.


Cabernet Sauvignon 45%, Merlot 35%, Cabernet Franc 10%, Barbera 5%, Nebbiolo 5%.


In October.

Cultivation method

Buttressed bars.

Vine density

6500 vines for hectare.

Average yield per hectare

30 Hl.


Fermentation and maceration in contact with the skins in small conical section oak casks. At the end of fermentation, the wines, obtained separately, are refined in new casks for 16 months and then blended.

Refinement in the bottle

The wine is refined in the bottle for 12 months.

Gastronomic Matches

We recommend this wine with red meat dishes and especially roasts and game.


You can enjoy Cordelio as soon as you get it as we refine it in bottle for 12 months in its bottle before selling it.
If you store it correctly, Cordelio will evolve over time surprising you always positively. You can keep it for 5/10 years.