Castello Bonomi is Winery of the Year in the AIS Vitae 2017

A new and valuable recognition for the Franciacorta producers of the CASA PALADIN brand.

As a historic estate and the only Château in Franciacorta, Castello Bonomi is the flagship of CASA PALADIN. Here, a cultural and agricultural project has been launched, elevating it to excellence in Franciacorta, as evidenced by the recent awards given by the Italian Sommelier Association. We refer to the “Best Lombard Winery of the Year” and “4 VITI” (4 Vines) for Lucrezia Black Label, an impeccable blanc de noir of extraordinary greatness.

Lucrezia Black Label

Lucrezia Black Label is a reserve that matures for over 100 months on the lees. It has already received the Oscar for Best Sparkling Wine in Italy and the 3 Glasses (Tre Bicchieri) from Gambero Rosso, demonstrating an astonishing continuity of quality over time.

Castello Bonomi: The History

The Castello Bonomi estate takes its name from the iconic castle located within it. Built at the end of the 19th century by architect Antonio Tagliaferri, Castello Bonomi is still the only Château in the Franciacorta region.

At that time, it was commissioned by the son of Silvio Pellico’s prison companion (also mentioned in the work “Le Mie Prigioni”), Bortolo Tonelli, who wanted the building to have a Liberty-style imprint, which has been preserved in all its magnificence over the years.

The Bonomi family acquired the castle and its estate about thirty years later, in 1910, and then renovated the cellars on the mountainside, reclaiming part of the historic cellar and its underground spaces, thus reaching a total extension of 1500 square meters.

Castello Bonomi Today

Since 2008, the Paladin family has taken over the management of Castello Bonomi, bringing all their passion, love, and expertise to the only Château in Franciacorta, known for decades as the treasure of the region.

Inside the premises, the constant temperatures allow the wines to mature under optimal conditions and in full respect of traditions. Thanks to Luigi Bersini (Chef de Cave), the entire team, and the resulting synergies, Castello Bonomi’s Franciacorta wines are now recognized for their longevity and richness, receiving numerous international awards.

Castello Bonomi is Winery of the Year

And here we come to the award.

The news that Castello Bonomi has been named Winery of the Year was also featured in the special edition of Universo Cibo (Il Sole 24 Ore) on Sunday, December 4.

Lucia Paladin is awarded in Milan by AIS executives Antonello Maietta and Luigi Bortolotti, as well as the young Lombardy Regional Councilor Fabrizio Sala.

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Castello Bonomi
Tenute in Franciacorta

Via S. Pietro, 46 – 25030
Coccaglio (BS)
tel. +39 030 7721015

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